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Best Bet for Inshore Red Drum and Channel Bass in Cocoa Beach

Saturday December 16, 2017

On any given day there's bound to be some redfish caught around Cocoa Beach, but a good fishing guide can often turn a mediocre day of fishing into a great day of fishing. Known for it's warm sub-tropical weather, beautiful beaches and clear lagoons, Cocoa Beach host some of the best inshore fishing for a variety of sportfish including sea trout, tarpon, snook and yes... even the giant redfish or channel bass as they are often called.

If you decide to go on a fishing trip and target red fish in the Cocoa Beach area, you'll need to hire an experienced guide that's properly equipped with the correct tackle and also the qualified vessels for moving around the shallow water lagoons where the redfish frequently roam and feed. Redfish or "Reds" as they are often called, can be elusive to many anglers because their habits are often misunderstood. These heavy bodied fish feed and live in the shallow water areas where normal boats don't have the capabilities to pursue them. It's essential to have a shallow running boat to get to the fish and offer lures and/or baits to them.

How Can I Connect to a Cocoa Beach Fishing Guide?

Cocoa Beach has the nearby Port Canaveral and it's locks that open up into the gorgeous Banana River Lagoon with it's frolicking dolphins and lumbering manatees. There's not many days when anglers don't get to see some unusual marine life and experience the vastness of Florida's mangrove estuaries off Cocoa Beach.

The best way to hookup with an inshore fishing trip in Cocoa Beach is to simply fill out the form below or call Captain Gina Bradley and arrange for a day of fishing when you're in the area vacationing or visiting. Her number is (321) 868-4953.

A little swim after catching redfish in Cocoa Beach

After Montise landed her big redfish she took a swim with a friend in the Banana River Lagoon adjacent to Cocoa Beach. "It's so easy to book a trip with Captain Richard and Lagooner Fishing Guides, just fill out the form... I did!"

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Vacations are meant to be a way to "get away and relax", that's why Lagooner Fishing Guides prides itself with helping customers with their vacation plans to the Orlando Florida area. We take care of it all from the when and where's to what equipment and boats to use for each situation. After all it's your fishing trip and it should be easy. Call us or fill out the form on this page for additional information. Our belief is that a fishing trip should be an easy thing and no worries about what to bring other than your favorite food and/or beverage. Call Lagooner Fishing Guides and reserve a date today!

"I had so much fun fishing with Captain Richard at my hometown of Cocoa Beach for Giant Redfish! I can't wait till I can go again!"
Cocoa Beach, FL

Redfish Fishing in Cocoa Beach, Florida

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Inshore and Offshore Charter Fishing near Orlando and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Catch redfish, sea trout, tarpon, snook and many other saltwater gamefish aboard the world famous Lagooner flats fishing boat with renowned Captain Richard Bradley.

Excellent people and experience! - My husband and I had never tried anything like this before so we were a bit nervous about being sea sick. Captain Richard was so nice and laid back and gave us tips and tricks to try and fight it off. My husband unfortunately was very sick even before we started to get the lines out. Captain Richard took control and told him what to do and even where to stand in the boat to make it better. Unfortunately after captain Richard tried all his tricks my husband was still pretty sick so we had to call it a day an hour early.
The day was definitely not a loss though. Even though we didn't get to catch any fish I still got to see tons of wildlife! We saw everything from dozens of turtles to Dolphins, Rays, and even an 8 ft hammerhead shark! Captain Richard is a pro and definitely knows what he's doing and talking about. I would recommend this trip for sure!

about Lagooner Fishing Charters on June 28, 2015

5 / 5 stars 5 star rating

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